The Big Clean Out

Sunday, September 13, 2009

So... we have started another little project. Like we don't have enough going on with kids, hubbies and our new blog! However, in hopes of blogging about our new adventure we started it... re-vamping our wardrobes and cleaning out our closets. Let me tell you, this will be the article of the century when we post the final end. Mine (Jilly) was first and one quick lesson I learned from my own mistakes... buy basics! I have more patterns than the bedding section at Macy's. My version of a basic black tank had laced edges and velour (wow that sounds frightening but it is actually really cute). So, yesterday I started on my list (I have a huge list of items to buy). One was neutral color crew neck shirts. I found some great shirts at Nordstrom Rack: 2 for $12! I cleaned out!

I will post my list and pics as we go but I wanted to share with you all some advice that I had to learn the hard way. Basics are cheap and you can accessorize them and make more outfits out of them. A white crew neck shirt can be worn 10 different ways but that patterned top is burned in every ones memory so overtime you wear it, it's almost like wearing the same outfit over and over!

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