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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new... or maybe not. A lot of the fall trends have made a comeback this year but in new and different ways. We have rounded up the good, the bad and the just downright ugly! Here is what, as Rachel Zoe would say, we'd die for!

Black Leather: We have seen this in jackets, skirts, boots, leggings... everywhere! It is a hot ticket item this fall but can get overwhelming if you aren't careful. Here are some of our tips:

  1. Don't go leather happy! Pick one or two items for your outfit or you will end up looking like you should be on the back of a Harley! A flowered, girly dress paired with a short leather jacket gives your outfit a modern and edgy look that we love! Concert T-shirt and skinny jeans tucked into a great pair of black leather boots is a rock and roll look that Moo loves!
  2. NO PLEATHER (or cheap leather)! We know its tempting with the economy in the toilet, but that $20 pleather purse will cheapen any outfit and last you a week. There are certain pieces in your wardrobe where quality is important. This is one of them. A wise woman once told us that you spend your money in your handbags and shoes. Words to live by.
Leggings: They made a huge comeback a couple years back and it almost seems as if they are here to stay. This year the newest styles are denim, leather and embellished. They can be one of the comfiest items you wear this year but beware... they can make you look like the 11 year old girl from the early 90's in stirrups. Here are some tips to go by:

  1. The cropped leggings were popular for a little bit but they really cut your leg off and make you appear shorter than you are. Make sure they go all the way to your ankle.
  2. Leggings are not jeans... so do not tuck your shirt into them (hello Lindsay Lohan who is in desperate need of our blog!). The length can be tricky and varies per body type but a good rule of thumb is to cover your tush but don't go past your knee.
  3. This look can be dressed up or dressed down. A dressed up option could be leather leggings paired with peep toe booties and a cool shirt or a dressed down option can be ballet flats, a tunic and cotton leggings.
Fur: For all you animal lovers out there... don't worry, we are not talking about the real stuff. Fur is not huge on our radar but it can be a fun piece to spice up your outfit. We love a fur vest or short jacket...we're not talking Beyonce Chinchilla coats here (and our hubbys are no Jay Z!). Think more casual. Here come the tips...

  1. A fur vest has a lot of volume so pair it with skinny or straight jeans so as not to make you look bigger than you are! We love the fitted vests with a loose t-shirt or peasant top with skinny jeans and flat boots.
  2. A short fur jacket can be dressed up or dressed down and can be a good option for your winter coat essentials. Throw it on over jeans or a dress.
Plaid: We love plaid! It really has never gone away but this year it is back with a vengeance! Young and old can pull this off. It is in all variations: button up shirts, tunics, dresses... but please avoid the pleated plaid skirts with knee socks-this isn't 1998 and we are not starring in a Britney Spears video...sorry boys! Tips, tips and more tips....
  1. Don't overdo the plaid and please don't mix patterns. When you are wearing a pattern like plaid it is best to keep everything else simple. Accessories included.
  2. We love a plaid button down with skinny jeans and tall flat boots, or with a pencil skirt and platforms.
Shoes: As Carrie Bradshaw once said..."Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink"... well we say drink up! Shoes are our vice and we don't care! (Keep it on the down low, the hubbies don't know). There are so many trends happening with shoes this season we don't know what to do with ourselves. Some we love, some not so much! Here a few we love:
  1. Peep Toe Booties: So it started with ankle boots and now has evolved. They are a great going out shoe and is a trend that is a risk-buy because we are not so sure its here to stay. Loving it for now! Great with leather leggings (make sure the legging is long enough to be tucked into the boot), pencil skirts that go to the knee, with skinny jeans or a dress... it helps give your look a edgy rock and roll feel.
  2. Over the Knee Boots: Not for the faint of heart! We know what you are thinking... Pretty Woman this is not. Think more Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada. The popular one this year is the flap boot. Can be cute with or without opaque tights and a skirt. Warning: This can be pricey but we are willing to do what ever it takes to get a pair! Stay tuned.
  1. Platform: This is one of our "could live withouts" but it is a great look. A lot of the heels this season are platform and it is great at extending the legs and giving you a toned look. Dresses and skirts only... not the best for jeans.
Jeans: Tie Dye, Motorcycle, Ripped, Boyfriend...oh my! So many variations, so little time. These are all fairly new trends and more than likely have an expiration date so spend accordingly.

  1. Tie Dye: Skinny jeans only please and we mean tie dye NOT acid wash jeans. That's one look that should never come back! Wear with a solid colored T-shirt and heels...casual is not the way to go on this one.
  2. Motorcycle: This one is brand spanking new and we are both on the fence. It is really best for the slim, long legged gals because it can shorten your leg and widen your hips. We have really only seen this worn with boots on the likes of Rihanna and Cameron Diaz. As before...simplicity is your friend with this jean; basic loose or fitted tee with sweater or leather jacket. Again...careful not to look too Harley Chic with the leather and motorcycle jeans.
  3. Ripped: Rip them up baby! The distressed look is very popular and can be in almost any type of jean. Flare, skinny, boyfriend, straight, bootcut...you name it we have seen it ripped. Make sure it doesn't look like you were attacked by a bear. Go for more of the effortless causal cool style. Speaking of Boyfriend...Boyfriend: Named because it is to look like you are wearing your boyfriends jeans (but please do not actually wear their jeans). No blousey tops or thick sweaters. It really looks best with fitted tops or loose t-shirts. Casual all the way: ballet flats, flat sandals for the warm weather folks. Usually worn rolled.
Boyfriend Blazer: So apparently we are stealing all of our clothes from our poor boyfriends closets this fall! Some make this work really well. It especially looks good on the bustier, curvy gals with skinny or straight jeans or leggings. For the slim long legged gals it looks great over a dress and gives a masculine feel. Roll the sleeves up if there is a lot of room and most of them have a cool lining to show off. Miami Vice should not be your inspiration so keep the blazer in a neutral...mostly seen in black and navy.

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