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Monday, December 7, 2009

It's that time of year again. . . fighting the crowds for the gift of your man's dreams in which you inevitably fall short each year. Its not your fault, between Christmas parties, Christmas programs, Christmas cards and Christmas outings there is no time left and the pressure sometimes results in a lackluster gift! It's so frustrating and it doesn't help that now with kids, poor hubby is last left to buy for. We have done the research for you to make your life easier. Here are some great ideas and some great deals!

The New Father: Digital Bragbook...I found this and loved it. It gives that personal touch and is also a cool way for them to show off their latest and greatest addition to the family! It can be found at Red Envelope which is a great site for unique gifts! It is listed for $94.95.

The UGA Fan: This is a steal and is a little tacky but I love it! A cast iron BULLDOG bottle opener. . . what true Georgia fan couldn't use that??? It is only $12 and could be a great gift for those (like all of us) on a budget or to give to dad from the kids! It can be found at Pottery Barn.

The Music Lover: Restoration Hardware has a pretty cool Beatles collection this year. It ranges from All Together Now: The Ultimate Beatles Collection ($399) to T-shirts ($59) and there are even Beatles monopoly and Trivial Pursuit games ($39.95 each). Check it out at Restoration Hardware.

The Business Guy: If your business guy is like mine, clothes are important. Mine is very picky on fit and clothes being neatly pressed. . . he hates the wrinkled, rolled out of bed, bought the wrong size look. Doesn't actually scream "professional". We are big fan of Brooks Brothers and I found a great deal for a quality cashmere sweater. Regularly priced at $348, it is now listed for $179! Great deal and if in your budget, is a quality sweater that will last him years!

The Eco-Friendly Guy: The Green Movement has been huge this year so we did not want to leave out the guy that reduces, reuses and recycles. Restoration Hardware has a "I Am Not a Paper Cup" that looks like the paper cups with coffee lids that you get from any coffee shop. It is only $20! (Stay tuned to Jilly Moos for more on Eco-Friendly trends where we will feature a guest blogger, Jonathan Merritt, author of Green like God available April 2010, where he shares his view on why, in his own words, Green is the new Black! For more information on him visit his site at

The Modern Guy: I am not a big fan of jewelry on men and there are very few men that can pull it off. Some of the better known that can are Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell, Jude Law etc. . . I love the leather necklace that is so popular right now. I have seen it in boutiques at Seaside, Florida and they are amazing but quite pricey! James Avery is a cool jewelry store that specializes in wearable, simple pieces with a lot of meaning behind them. It is a great story about the man that started it all too. I found some great necklaces ($60 and $90) and bracelets ($135) that would look great on an up to date type of guy!

The Intellect: The Nook is a hot commodity this year! For the reader in your life it is a great gift. It is your access to millions of books at your fingertips! It is a pricey gift at $259 but I have to admit. . . I want one too! Barnes and Noble has created this very smart "ipod for books". Visit their website for details at Barnes and Noble.

The Sports Nut: I come from Chicago Bear territory so I was instantly excited when I came across the "Complete Game Set: 1985 Chicago Bears 12 disc set for $69.69 at Target. This would be a great gift for any of my overly obsessed brothers or the Bears true #1 fan, my Pops. There are many other cool collections on here as well, The Steelers: Story of Six Championships ($28.99), Major League Baseball World Series Film Collection ($150.59) NBA, 25 Years of Championships ($38.89) and so many more. Visit Target to see them all!

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