do you wash new clothes before you wear them?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Did anyone else see this horribly disturbing report done by GMA (that's Good Morning America - in case you didn't know)?  Apparently clothes that you buy at the store are super filthy and disgusting.  If you are like us, you bring your clothes home and either wear them right away or pop them directly into the closet.  Maybe we are ignorant or just plain lazy - maybe both.  GMA investigators bought up some stuff and had everything tested in a lab (who thinks up these things anyway?).  The results were quite frankly, horrifying.

Of the 14 new items tested for germs, their NYU microbiologist found an alarming number of respiratory secretions and skin and fecal flora (yikes!) on shirts and jackets.  All garments were grossly contaminated with multiple organisms.  He basically likened trying on a new article of clothing to touching a stranger’s armpit or groin.  Ok, is it just us or are you also considering trying on clothes over an undershirt while shopping?

Watch for yourselves.

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