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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So one of our near and dear friends has decided to re-vamp his look and asked for Jilly Moo's help! We neglect how important men's fashion is sometimes but be careful will end up with your fella stuck in his high school get-up or worse: dressing like he is 90 (gasp!).  Never fear, Jilly Moo's is here (sad line I know).

Our friend E, was wanting to get some clothes that were a little updated and a better fit. He is all about comfort so we were worried he was going to be difficult to break...but the shopping trip ended in a great high from the good deals and great clothes!

What is the number one mistake on men? Wearing the wrong fit...hello baggy drawers! Don't get me wrong, we are not looking for the Jo Bros. skinny leg jeans but a straight or standard cut jean works great! Nordstrom Rack is where we lucked out on a pair of Seven Jeans that were a high waisted standard cut.

 These jeans are great for a shorter to average height and stature and are available at Zappos for $159 but we got ours for $99!!

With a lot of convincing he bought them!

E is your classic guy that loves his family and sports and never spends much mulah on himself. This is his typical outfit, which isn't bad at all but is a bit dated and nothing exciting. Trust me, he has a huge personality and is a ton of fun to be around so he needs the right clothes to showcase that!

We wanted him to have a modern look that still looked like him...we got the jeans so one of the hardest things to convince him to try on (next to the $100 jeans) was some Converse to pair with them. This is a great shoe that is not that expensive and can move through the year with you.

But he LOVED them!! We got them at Journey's for $39.99, who were running a great deal as well, $10 off your second pair of shoes. So naturally, we convinced him to buy 2 (second purchase was a pair of chocolate brown suede Pumas)!

Gap is where we lucked out the most: 40% off your total purchase! That deal was so great we had to indulge a little on ourselves! All for the sake of Jilly Moo's! The GAP 1969 jeans in the Authentic cut is the jean every guy needs. It comes in several different washes and is a great fit!

Available at Gap now for $54.50

Here are some of our other great buys there:

Heathered Checked Shirt $49.50

Long Sleeved Military Polo $24.99

Here is what we learned tonight on men's fashion:
  • Find clothes that fit! A straight or standard cut jean fits most guys perfect and is a great staple jean. A darker wash is best.  Look for custom or slim fit on shirts for a smaller stature.
  • A casual weekend shoe like a Converse is a must! It can move through the seasons.
  • No pleated pants!!!
  • Know your neck and sleeve sizes for dress shirts and try to reserve your funds to make this an investment buy. We love Brooks Brothers slim fit dress shirts.

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