I have a 5 year old...what????

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My beautiful "Sopapia" turns the big 5 today. My head is still spinning at how fast time flies. My hubby and I started this adventure not knowing how much you could love someone else and how self sacrificing we actually could be. I tell everyone, one of the most selfless things one can do is become a parent. Let me tell you, they will take it all! It took this self centered, career minded, shopaholic and turned her into a mother who worried all day about poop, breast feeding, sleep etc...and a new found respect for her parents!

The hubby and I were footloose and fancy free before kids...

And then after being married 2 years...we were given a gift...

And these 5 years have been a whirlwind of emotions and drama...we had a girl first after all! What I am begining to learn, and I am sure I will continue to do, is how key confidence and self worth is in all children and especially in our girls. Women are the first to judge one another and criticize each other and we all know how hurtful that can be. Why we do this...who knows.  That is a deeper issue that frankly I don't have the energy to discuss. 

What we hope Jilly Moo's does is help in guiding you on how to dress and feel good about yourself. Lets face it: when you have that outfit on that fits you just right and compliments you in all the right places, you are feeling it honey! Whether it is your graduation day, wedding day or Monday...you should ALWAYS have that sense of confidence with you. Whether you are rocking the latest designer jeans (loving J Brand right now!!) or  the Mossimo line at Target you should wear it with self-assurance. What I have learned is that we are not born with it.  At Sopapia's young age she is already asking questions and questioning her self worth...at 4!! Imagine how that transforms at 14! I get so many compliments on her wardrobe and honestly, I buy everywhere: from Target (just bought her the cutest tunic from there that came with a fabric necklace) to Neiman's (for something special).  I find what looks best on her and what works for our life style. She, in return, feels good about herself and learns that it is not about the label on her shirt but how cute she looks in it!

In the end it is about positive feedback from their folks that builds kids self esteem most of all.  They thrive for your attention and love!

I am a sappy mom today folks with not a lot of tips, advice or deals to share but just what I am learning as I am going through this crazy thing called motherhood!

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