Jilly Moo's Basic #12 : Nude Pump

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Every Gal Needs: A nude heal in a classic shape. We like a d'orsay, slingback, peep toe or a basic pump.  Nude goes with everything and if you get a classic shape, you will have these forever.

Fit: Get a pair with a heal as high as you are comfortable with (Don't be over ambitious ladies.  We don't want you toppling over).  Try to get the color nude as close to your skin tone as possible.  Keep straps to a minimum, especially when it comes to around your ankle.  Ankle straps will chop up your leg and the idea is to elongate your legs, which is always a good thing.

Favs: Honestly this is an area that we need to heed our own advice in:  neither of us has a plain, nude pump!   We are on the hunt and will let you know when we find one that we personally recommend.  Til then, here are some to get you going.

Our ultimate wish list shoe.  Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Christian Louboutin Lady Claude $745 at Barney's NYC

Some under $100 options:

Aldo Fawson $90

Nine West Bonfire $90

Nine West Rocha $71 at Zappos

Aldo Moos $75 (you know we had to put the one named Moos up!)

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kemi said...

I have the Aldo moos in Size 8 (39 UK) that is new. Too small for me. Available for $50

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