Jilly Moo's Basic #12 : The Weekend Shoe

Friday, February 26, 2010

Every Gal Needs: A weekend shoe to wear out and about running errands. Can we say it?  Let's ban together and create a movement:  no more running shoes for everyday wear (gasp!)  They are for the gym only!  We know, we know; they are comfortable.  But they really aren't doing anything for you.  Seriously.  We wouldn't led you astray.  Here we offer you some comfortable alternatives.  The best part?  They are all under $100.

Fit: We don't need to tell you how your shoes need to fit (do we?).  We will say, make sure they feel good in the store.  If they are rubbing your foot the wrong way in the store, just think about how they will feel after hours of wear.

Favs:  We love our Converse, though they are lacking in the arch support (but then again, we have never been one's to shy away from a shoe due to discomfort).  We have both owned Puma's that were comfy. 

ASICS Gel-fieri $60 at Piperlime
Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Core Ox $42 at Piperlime
 Vans 'Authentic' Sneaker $41.95 at Nordstrom 

Puma 'Alsten Dapper' Sneaker $89.99 at Nordstrom

Simple Satire-Harp $54.95 at Zappos

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just another Belle said...

these are cute!

I'm from South Carolina and a lot of people wear Sperry's for a weekend shoe. They are super comfortable, they can get wet and dirty, and they're cute!

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