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Friday, March 26, 2010

We don't know about you but we aren't exactly sure what our real hair color is.  In fact, we often wonder if our hair is the color that it was truly meant to be.  We like to experiment but when it comes right down to it, we just want to look our best.  
It all comes down to warm vs. cool colors when it comes to hair.  If your skin tone is cool, you will need to stick to cool hair colors and if your skin is warm, keep your hair color the same.  Is all of this gibberish to you?  Don't worry.  We were a little intimidated at first too but it really is simple.  Just take a look below (or better yet, do it with a friend) to find out if you are a "warm" or "cool."

Your Skin Is:
- Very dark brown  (Cool)
- Brown with pink undertones (Warm)
- Brown with gold undertones (Warm)
- True olive i.e. most Asians and Latinas (Cool)
- Medium with no color in cheeks (Cool)
- Medium with faint pink cheeks (Cool)
- Medium with gold undertones (Warm)
- Pale with no color in cheeks (Cool)
- Pale with pink undertones (Cool)
- Pale, peaches and cream (Warm)

Your Eyes Are:
- Very brown to black (Cool)
- Golden brown (Warm)
- Hazel with brown or gold flecks (Warm)
- Hazel with blue flecks (Cool)
- Green or greenish blue (Warm)
- True blue or gray (Cool)

Your Natural Hair Color Is:
- Blue black (Cool)
- Deep Coffee Brown (Cool)
- Medium ash brown (Cool)
- Dark brown with red or gold highlights (Warm)
- Medium golden brown (Cool)
- Red (Warm)
- Strawberry blond (Warm)
- Dish water blond (Cool)
- Golden blond (Cool)
How did your answers stack up?  If most of your answers were cool, then you are naturally "cool" and vise versa.

Those with warm tone skin look best with deep chocolate brown, rich golden brown, auburn, and warm golden blond.  These colors will bring out your sunny warm skin tone.  If you don't want to go all out, full on color, have some warm, golden highlights woven into your hair.  Be sure to steer clear of very black hair, dark colors with blue undertones and platinum or similarly cool-toned blond colors.

Peaches and Cream skinned  Julianne Moore looks fab in her warm red hair.

Sienna Miller rocks golden blond locks with her  medium tone skin.

Gals with cool skin should avoid the above gold, yellow, red and bronze colors or else risk looking sallow or washed out.  Your best colors are jet black, medium browns such as ash brown, and cool blonds which can range from platinum to light mink.

Cool-skinned Courtney Cox shows that black hair looks great on those with similar skin tone.

 Rachel McAdams shows the right way to go dark or light with cool skin.

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