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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just like all of us busy ladies, we are always in need of some great beauty advice!  We have done some research for you and came up with some solutions and answers for your most common beauty mishaps and questions:

Should I use the same name brand shampoo and conditioner?

Nope!  Just make sure you stick to similar formulated ones.  For example, if you have a moisturizing shampoo, match that with a conditioner that focuses on adding moisture to your hair as well.

I wear makeup daily.   Should I worry about giving my skin a breather?

If you are not having any issues with your skin (breakouts, rashes etc...) then you are fine, no break needed.  Here is the key: wash your face every night to avoid most breakout issues.

I prefer body wash but want to make sure I am clean AND my skin is soft, is this possible?

Yes!  A Jilly favorite is Olay 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash.  Its only $5.99 and leaves the skin oh so soft!  Plus its not a heavy perfume-like scent.  It is available at local drugstores.

I have sensitive teeth and need a whitening boost but can't afford it. I have tried the Crest strips and they hurt my teeth, suggestions?

We have found the best solution.  Crest has come out with a special sensitive version.  Its great!  No harm no foul and a beautiful white smile is the end result!  If you find you still have sensitivity, try using a mouthwash that has fluoride, which can help reduce sensitivity.  A toothpaste like Sensodine can help as well.

I have combination skin and need a moisturizer that can help my dry areas but not saturate the oily areas. Help!

A gel cream is what most dermatologists recommend. It moisturizers in the places that are needed.  Nivea has an affordable one for less than $20!

Which goes on first, concealer or foundation?

For every day use, foundation goes on FIRST then concealer.  If you are covering up a blemish then reverse that order.  However, if you are covering up dark circles use concealer only.  No foundation.

Any tips on stretching out your shampoos (without your hair looking oily and smelling gross)?

Try taking a makeup brush and dusting baby powder on the roots to prevent the oil build up.  Make sure not to go to heavy so as not to leave a white residue. Spray your favorite perfume lightly through the strands of your hair.

How can I prevent the frizzy look after I dry and straighten my hair?

There are several products out there that can help with this.  Here's a tip: spray some hair spray in your brush and brush through it towards the end of your blow dry.  Go from root to end.  This will prevent a stiff look but will take care of the fly-aways too.

What are your beauty questions? Comment or click on "Contact Us" and let us know!  We will help!


Amber said...

I actually do the powder thing on your roots to prevent oily hair! If you are a blond, try using beige make-up powder! It looks more natural than the white baby powder.

Jilly said...

Thanks Amber! That is a great idea!

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