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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Next event up...Date Night!!!  Whether you are newly married, just had a baby, or busy with kiddos schedules, it's always important to carve some time out for you and the hubby.  The objective of this night should be to have fun and NOT discuss kids, money, or work!  Tough I know, but its about reconnecting and having fun and your attire should reflect that.  We gave this task to 2 moms that are in a little different life stage of right now.  A new mom who works part time and a busy stay at home mom of 2 who both need some time with their hubbies!
Jessica:  First off, her figure is out of this world.  To be this skinny with a less than 1 year old should be a sin!  We love her anyway; even though we are green with envy.  Jessica is a minimalist.  She likes the latest and greatest but she also likes to keep it simple.  We tried to shake that out of her.


It was small but BIG changes that the camera may have not picked up. The jean was the first thing we switched.  The fit of a jean is the most important and length was our issue with Jessica's jean.  We swapped them for one of our favorite jeans JBrand Ankle Skinny Jeans.

We decided that the scarf was too casual and covered up her rockin' figure (this is a night out with the hubby after all!) so instead we added a little color with a Silpada necklace and Adornement Jewelry by Design bracelets and voila...she was ready!


Megan: Is a busy mom of two...deserving of a night out with the hubby!  Meg has been asking for Jilly Moo's help with her closet (we help organize your wardrobe: what to keep, what to throw out, show how to wear your clothes different ways, and help with buying the must-haves!) and we are going to help and hopefully have the results posted soon!  Stay tuned!  She purchased this Ella Moss dress (that we loved!).  We just made a few touches to make it a little more fun and lets face it sexy (its for the hubby after all)...



With a change of the shoe, accessories and a quick hair change she was ready!  By swapping the casual wedges for a dressier heel and pulling the hair back to show off the one shoulder she transformed her "going to lunch with the girls" to "watch out I come!"  (Shoes and earrings were compliments of Moo's closet).

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Reagan said...

Wow! I love both of these. It is amazing how much just pulling hair back made Megan's outfit look so much sexier! And I love Jessica's necklace (though can I join the collective sigh at how thin she is?).

Thanks for promoting date nights. I'm passionate about time for DH and me (even if they are date nights in which I specialize in. A few weeks ago I did a post on home made body paint. You probably don't want to see the outfits for that date night in! Ha ha ha!)

I'm lovin' your blog and am looking forward to wardrobe help ;)

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