Earth Day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time to give Earth a big HUG today!  The green movement is here to stay.  Designers, celebs and people everywhere are on board so where else we would be but there as well!  We are feeling inspired and we want to share who is inspiring us:

We have dabbled in the organic/natural fiber clothing and ya is worth the try!  Celebrate Earth Day by purchasing one of our favorite earth friendly designers/lines (this is how we know to help!).

Loomstate Organics:  100% organic cotton

Margarita Dress $130

Alternative Apparel:  Something for everyone in the fam from babies to dads!  We love this site!  Enjoy an extra 15% off of Alternative Earth line by entering the code "CEARTH".

*Jilly fav* Gypsy 05: t he bohemian in you will love this line...all natural fibers and oh so comfortable!

Gara Sheer Silk Mini Dress $179.00

Jilly in action with her favorite Gypsy 05 dress.

Threads for Thought:  Looking for a comfy and durable tee in a variety of colors???  This is it!  We are both lovers of this brand and have lucked up at Nordstrom Rack on some of these!  Buy online and enter the code "T4TAPRIL10" to receive 20% off your purchase.

Extreme Racerback $28.00

Snakeskin Burnout Cardigan $48.00

Our Fav Green Guy
Jonathan Merritt is the author of the thought provoking book Green Like God and our first street style subject!  He combines his great sense of style with his passion for God and ties it together in his strong belief for "unlocking the divine plan for our planet" which all together equals our favorite green guy! Let us reassure you, he is the real deal.  We met him for coffee back in January and he brought his own cup for them to fill to avoid the dreaded styrofoam cup.  He definitely practices what he preaches!  It was a great morning of coffee and conversation which gave us the chance to ask him some questions on his style choices (after all we are a fashion blog).  After reading his book, we can see that he is true to his word.  The book will take you on  a journey which ends with you reinventing your convenience for conviction!  We love a guy that not only knows how to dress but understands that its not all about labels (hence our issue with Ed Hardy attire!).  Great heart, great book, great guy!

What are you wearing today?
"My favorite jacket which is by For You.  I like it because it is affordable at only $60 but it is still well made.  I got it at an awesome store, Little Bohemia in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
"Nordstrom Rack.  The clearance section is the best because you can find gems."

What is important to you when you are looking for clothes?
"Durability.  A lot of people don't know that cheap is not better.  I still have a pair of Seven's from high school that fit great!  Certain items of clothing are investments.  I try to get classic, durable clothes that will last a lifetime.  I would rather buy an expensive pair of jeans that last forever rather than a cheap pair that I will have to buy 5 times over.  Now in the 21st century, people design things to break so you have to continue to buy it over and over.  It is nice that there are designers still out there that make quality, durable pieces."


Camille Deann said...

Great post! Love that Threads for Thought Racerback tank! Jilly, where are you in that photo? Gorgeous spot!

Jilly Moo said...

It is my sister-in law's place...she has beautiful property in Suwanee. It is where we take our family pictures every year.


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