Girls Night Out with Jilly Moo's!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So we hatched a plan...gather our "girls"and ask them to dress in an outfit for an event that we assign them.  We then put our Jilly Moo's touch on it using only with what they brought and what we had laying around, sharing with them what works and what maybe not so much.  We have really good friends!  Don't worry, we enticed them with food and wine.  We had a great group so we are going to show you a little at a time.  First up...Girls Night Out!

Jillayne: Young, single and so much fun...Jillayne was a blast! She is outgoing and funny and we felt her clothes needed to match her personality...



Adding the belt and fedora changed the look of this dress:  fun, youthful and more "Jillayne"!

Katie:  Mama of 2 toddlers (would have never guessed would you?) and like all of us mama's, needs a night with the girls! We thought it would be fun to give her this event because sometimes it's hard for us mom's to get a night out and even harder to know what to wear!


Katie kept it simple but fun, with the change of her hair and slight change in accessories she was able to perfect her GNO look while still sticking to her own personal style.


Reagan said...

This is a fun idea! Honestly I'm not "seeing" the changes in Katie's outfit--can you explain (It looks like the bracelet is different or her hair isn't in front of her face???) This would be an outfit where I'd say--Add a bold, unique necklace!

Jilly said...

Great idea! I know Katie's changes were minimal...we were trying to stick to her style, simplicity but fun...and work with what we had. We hope the next time we do this to have a lot more accessories and such to work with! Great way for anyone to promote their products ;) Keep your eye out for more...we did do a re-vamp on one of Katie's dresses she could not figure out how to wear.

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