Rompers are hot!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rompers, jumpsuits, the glorified overall...whatever you call them, they are back!  Channel your inner 70's girl and try out this modern and sophisticated update to the overalls.  Most of the time they are very comfy.  It can be a great weekend look paired with flats or gladi ators or dressed up with a great strappy wedge.  Throw a cardigan over it for those spring months. We ask that you proceed with caution on this look.  With so many variations out there it can go very wrong.

The Bond Girl look was probably not what she was going for.

Really? In this case, less is definitely more!

Here are the things to think of when you are rocking this look:

DO be prepared to show some leg.  Most of these are short and if you wouldn't wear a skirt at that length then stay clear!

DON'T wear this look to work.  It doesn't really scream professional!

DO go for a more natural look with make up and hair.  This is a no-fuss, low glam look.

DO know what works with your body type.  Satin and silk fabrics will cling more than denim and cotton.  This look flatters shorter women more than taller.

DO look for a more sophisticated look to avoid looking like a 12 year old!

Exhibit A:

Who we think got it RIGHT:

Blake Lively's dressed up look.  Love it!

Nicole Richie's vintage romper...LOVE IT!!

Check out these websites for some great rompers:


Amber said...

I love rompers! I just tried on a few over the weekend but none fit b/c I have such a long torso! :-( Another reason why I hate being so tall!

amy said...

i love rompers. just wore one yesterday actually! i bought two floral ones for this summer that are halter - but am waiting to get tan before i wear them. yes, i am that vain ;) great post! xx

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