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Monday, April 12, 2010

Have any style, fashion, or beauty questions?  What do I wear to a beach wedding in October?  Can a busty gal go strapless?  What is the newest way to wear my hair?  What makeup colors look best on me?  We can answer it all!  We will even tackle questions about your outfit!  Have a shirt you just can't quite figure out how to wear?  Or what shoes to wear with that dress?  Hit us with your best shot!  We love a challenge...better yet, a fashion challenge!  It's what we live for (sad but true).

Email us anytime at  

We will answer your questions and you may even see it pop up as a blog post.  No judgment...we all need a little help sometime.

Ok, if you tell us you are going out in no pants, we can't make any promises on the no judgment thing.  But we will try.

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