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Friday, May 7, 2010

Attention ladies (and gents)!  Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 9th.  Snuck up on you?  Yeah, us too.  Before you break out into a sweat and run off to buy over-priced flowers, check out these last minute gift ideas.

A Bundle of Books
For the mom who loves to read!  Head over to your local bookstore and pick up some of the current best sellers.  Some to try:  
"Crazy Beautiful" by Amy Carmindy - What Not to Wear's resident makeup artist gives tons of quick and easy beauty tips.
"The Help" by Kathryn Sockett - On the NY Times best seller list for months, this story is set in civil rights movement Mississippi and is told from three different points of view.  A must read.
"Mommywood" by Tori Spelling - This reality mom's newest book shares stories of her experiences raising two kids in Hollywood.  If you aren't already strangely captivated by the Spelling family, you will be.
"Savannah Style" by Paula Dean - What is it about Paula Dean that requires you to like her...maybe it's the voice or her Southern charm.  This books takes you through a full year, giving tips on everything from outdoor entertaining to how to put out your best silver.  Perfect for the Southern (or wanna-be) Lady in your life.

A Spa Getaway
 We know this is an often over used gift.  Some may call it a fall-back gift.  We disagree!  We can speak from first hand experience when we say that a getaway of any kind is always much appreciated.  Throw in a massage/facial/mani-pedi and we are two happy girls.

A Trip Down Memory Lane
Don't have time to make a scrapbook?  Buy a digital picture frame and preload it (this in itself will be much appreciated if your moms are like our low-tech moms) with your favorite photos of you and your mom or the whole family together.  Bonus points:  find lots of old pictures and load them on.  Waterworks will ensue.  Digital Frames can be found in a variety of prices.
Kodak Easy Share 8" LCD Digital Frame $129.99 at Best Buy

A Little Something Green

If you do want to go the flower route, try a little something different.  Put a gardenia plant in a pretty pot that she can enjoy indoors and then transfer outside for a lifetime of blooming flowers!  If she likes to cook, get her some herbs in cute little planters.  They are pretty decoration, yummy and fragrant.

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