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Friday, May 21, 2010

Today I'm sharing with you gals the things that I am loving or wanting right now for summer.  Some are tried and true and some are new finds.  Enjoy!

(center tile) Swedish Hasbens - To say that I am obsessed with these shoes is an understatement.  I got these low natural colored ones and they are surprisingly super comfortable despite the fact that they have a wooden sole.  I feel very 70's retro and want a pair in every color and style.

(clockwise from upper left) Gap Boyfriend Shorts - Jilly actually turned me on to these shorts and I am so grateful!  They are super comfortable (a summer wardrobe must for me) and I totally love the white color.  I inevitably end up with dirt/food/other unidentified stain on them but it's a small price to pay.

Ray Ban Aviators - Sunglasses styles may come and go but this is a forever favorite of mine.  They stand the test of time and instantly make you look cooler (at least that's what I tell myself).

Banana Republic Bib Necklace - I have only recently gotten into the statement necklace trend (I've been forcing myself to buy more accessories because I usually don't).  They are one of my favorite things for summer because you can just put one on over a tank top and your outfit gets an instant pick me up.  It has taken the place of the scarf of last year for me.

Gap Chambray Shirt - Sadly, they don't sell this shirt online anymore (although I believe they still do in stores) but I am in love with mine.  It is so soft and comfortable and the light color is a little more summer to me.  I dress mine up and down and have worn it at least 5-7 times in the month or month and a half that I have had it.

Anthropologie Dress - I am always on the lookout for vintage/vintage-style dresses for the summer and Anthropologie never disappoints.  I have an actual vintage dress that is similar to this one and I wear it all of the time.  Right now I am pairing my skirts and dresses with my oxfords.

Havaianas Flip Flops - These are my favorite flip flops and a definite summer at-the-pool/beach staple for me.  I have tried many different kinds but always come back to these.  They really are the best!

Adorment Jewelry by Design - It is a rare day that you will find me not wearing an armful of these bracelets.  I have a TON and I love them all!

Botkier Crossbody Bag - I have, do and always will absolutly love a crossbody bag.  I own four and that's saying a lot as I usually buy a bag and stick with it for several years.  Two of mine are vintage but I am coveting this one by Botkier as well.  I have been a fan of this brand since I discovered them five years ago and the bag I got then is still in perfect condition.  So worth the investment.

J.Crew Panama Hat -  I spotted this hat a couple of months ago and have been waiting for it to go on sale.  The new thrifty me is refusing to pay $60 for a hat.  They don't have it online anymore so I'm hoping it will go on sale in stores soon.  You will be mine Panama Hat!

Marc By Marc Jacobs - Love Marc Jacobs and his Marc by Marc Jacobs line (aka, the only one I can actually come close to affording) is one of my favorites.  The colorful fabrics he uses are so distinct.  This one screams summer to me.

Threads For Thought Burnout V-Neck Tee - I basically live in t-shirts.  It's stressful times when I go out somewhere nice and am forced to wear something different (and I often work one into a nicer outfit regardless).  This is my current favorite pick.  Super comfy and thin for summer...and only $12.

Anthropologie Beaded Belt - I bought this belt in black and white at the beginning of the month and I just love it.  I saw it in the store and almost didn't buy it because I wondered what I would wear it with.  I loved it too much to walk away and haven't regretted it!

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