Our Favorite May Deals

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We have heard your cry and we are answering!  You want to see some major deals so we are giving them to you.  We always try to stay on the cheap but you have told us that you want to see even better deals!  So we scoured the stores and picked some of our favorite great buys of the month.  Nothing over $39.99!  Enjoy the deals ladies.

 Le Sac Dress $38 at American Apparel (comes in 17 colors and can be worn in tons of different ways!)
Elegance Lattice Sandal $18.80 at Forever 21
 Double Studded Headwrap $10 at Fred Flare
 Beaded Vest $39.95 at American Eagle
 Jamie Pleated Chambray Shorts $29.50 at Delias
 Plaid Roll-Sleeve Camp Shirt $24.50 at Old Navy

Zac Posen Tuxedo Skirt $39.99 at Target

LC Lauren Conrad Satin Top $19.99 at Kohls
 Roll-Up Bermudas $39.50 at Gap

 Dollhouse Casie Sandal $38.95 at Endless

Lily White Banded Skirt $22 at Nordstrom

I Heart Ronson Tie Dye Tank $17.99 at JCPenny

Use these codes to get even better deals at these stores!
- American Apparel:  Enter code "t348-te415496" to get 10% off a single purchase.  Ends May 31st. 
- JCPenny: Get 15% off online when you enter the code "MAYSUR10".  Get free shipping on orders over $49 with code "04SHOP".
- Gap: Enter the code "GAPLUVSMOMS" to get 20% off through May 9th.
- Kohls:  Gives 20% off when you enter the code "THANKS1498" at checkout.
- Delias: Two deals here!  Type in code "D15CPN" at checkout to get 15% off and "D25FS" to get free shipping on orders over $25.
- Old Navy: Sign up for their email list at their site and get a coupon for 10% off on any purchase online. 


prettybaby said...

love this post!! mwah! xx

Jilly Moo said...

Thanks...we will keep the deals coming!

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