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Monday, May 10, 2010

Now that warmer weather has arrived, it is time to break out the shorts.  There are so many different styles and lengths that it can be hard to tell what looks best on you, what to avoid, and how to wear each style.  There are so many styles out there but we will highlight the most common.

Boyfriend Shorts
 Levis 99 Boyfriend Shorts $74 at Revolve Clothing

Who Can Wear Them:  Anyone can wear boyfriend shorts in one form or another.  We love them because worn at little loosely, they are super comfortable.  Keep in mind that if you do wear them loose, it can make you look at little bigger.  If you want to avoid adding extra weight all together, try wearing them not quite so loose.  You may also choose to skip this type of shorts altogether.

How To Wear Them:  This is of course, a somewhat masculine look, so to counteract that, add a fun element while still making it your own.  Try a cool accessory like a scarf, belt or necklace.  If you choose to wear the shorts on the baggy side, keep the shoes a little more substantial like a gladiator flat or chunky heal.  With these shorts being so bulky, a little dainty sandal can look out of place and dinky.   Since this is a baggier short, keep the shirt on the tighter side to avoid looking large all over.

Bermuda Shorts
Railroad Striped Bermuda Shorts $39.50 at Gap

Who Can Wear Them:  When shorts start getting longer, you must be especially mindful of the fit.  Those who are hippy will need to keep an eye out for pockets on the sides (such as the ones above by Gap) that will tend to poke out and make you look even wider.  A looser Bermuda short will do this as well.  This is why as a general rule, we like ours pretty slim fitting.  If you do choose to wear yours looser, pair them with a heal or you may risk looking short and stocky.  Short gals be especially careful of this.  That means that tall, willowy gals get the green light on this one.
How To Wear Them:  Bermuda shorts can be so versatile.  In a nice fabric and in a color like black or navy, they can be worn to work with a blazer as a suit alternative.  In a casual fabric they will take you anywhere on the weekends.  Be mindful that the longer the shorts are, the more your leg will be cut and the shorter they will look.  If this is something you are concerned with, keep the shoe open (like a thong flat) or else go the way of the heal (minus any ankle straps).  
Mid-Length Shorts
Oxford Short $39.50 at J.Crew

Who Can Wear Them:  These are usually the most universally flattering shorts.  Those who like a shorter short but don't feel comfortable wearing a super short short will love these.  You get the same feel of the short short without the flashiness.  Tall, short, skinny or curvy:  anyone can wear these!
How To Wear Them:  These come in many different styles.  The skinny minnies can get away with a pleated or looser fit as well as patterns and embellishments.  Curvy, hippy girls may want to stay with a slimmer, basic fit in a solid color to keep the focus away from the common problem areas of the hips, bootie and thighs.
Sparkle and Fade Tap Short $48 at Urban Outfitters
Who Can Wear Them: 
If you are short, these can be your best friend.  They will make your legs look miles longer.  It also goes without saying that if you have great legs, you can show them off in the short shorts.  It's all about the confidence and attitude!  If you are blessed with super long legs, proceed with caution and plan the rest of your outfit accordingly (this means cover up the top and keep the shoes flat). 

How To Wear Them:  It's important to keep proportions in mind with these shorts in particular.  Baggier shorts can get the tight top while form-fitting shorts can get a breezy peasant-style top like Olivia Palermo above.  For everyone to keep in mind, since these shorts are short, don't wear them too tight.  You will risk looking a little more"street corner" than we are sure you want to look.
Capri Pants
Mountain's Shadow Crops $98 at Anthropologie
Who Can Wear Them:  Don't hate us for being the bearer of bad news but capris will look best on the tall, skinny girls.  Short gals should run, not walk away from these if your goal is to look taller.  Beware of the baggy capri with the cargo pockets!!!  They flatter NO ONE!  We assume that they are comfortable or else you wouldn't be wearing them, right?  They add extra weight on the sides of your legs.
How To Wear Them:  Honestly, we aren't the biggest fans of capris.  We like to keep our capris on the slim side a 'la Jackie O.  If you simply cannot part with your capris, remember the same advice that we gave about bermuda shorts:  the longer the shorts, the shorter you can look.  So keep the shoe open or the heal high.  If you must do the capri, keep the length hitting either just below the knee like Molly Sims or right above the ankle.  Anything that hits mid-calf is super unflattering.


Renee said...

this is a great guide--bermuda shorts are my favorite, but most the time I opt for a skirt to avoid shorts altogether =)

bruinlab said...

thanks for the post. Most appreciated. I need all the advice I can get on how to not make myself look shorter as I am living in the land of tall willowy blond Swedish women (yes, actually living in Sweden as an American ex-pat). Do have a pop over and say cheers if you like. I would love to put together a fashion report of sorts of what is being worn here. Swedes are unbelievably fashion oriented.

Reagan said...

Oooh, thanks for the tips. I was pairing various shorts with "country" shirts today--Cuz that how folks in WY roll!

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