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Friday, June 11, 2010

We dress for ourselves but sometimes we do take our hubby's opinions into consideration (although we most often ignore them).  Regardless, it's nice to know what men like and don't like.  As always, Jilly Moo's is here to keep you in the know!  Here are some of the most common things that men told us that they love to see you in and what they think needs to be tossed out of your closets.  Take it with a grain of salt and do with it what you will ladies.

Men Love:
Classic Dark Wash Jeans
 J Brand Mid Rise 16" Straight Leg Jeans $159 at Shopbop

V-Neck T-Shirts
Vintage V-Neck Tee $19.50 at Gap

 LA Made Betsy Sundress $75 at Piperlime

Diamond Flower One Shoulder Dress $50.73 at ASOS

Sexy Heals
Pelle Moda Issa Platform Sandal $154.95 at Nordstrom

"Nice Tops"
Yumi Kim Joey Blossom Silk Top $138 at Bloomingdales

 Chiffon Droplet Top $22.80 at Forever 21

Men Hate:
Skinny Jeans

Ballet Flats


Boyfriend Jeans

Any Clothes That Are Too Trendy/Tight/Too Young for You to Be Wearing


The Summery:  Whatever you like or is comfortable, men hate.  Doesn't that figure?  In general, guys were letting us know that they aren't feeling anything too trendy or out there.  They like the basics.  They want us to be comfortable (just not past the line of comfortable and into slouchy territory).  We can live with that.  

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Reagan said...

My DH LOVES my skinny jeans and ballet flats (in fact, he bought both). You're right on about the Uggs though. Ug!

The only other things my hubbs totally loves are necklaces and bikinis!

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