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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We have loved the dressy short as a skirt alternative for several years now, so we are please that they have made it to the mainstream.  They are becoming so popular that you can find them at all price-points and you can wear them for all different occasions.  A classic black Bermuda short can even be worn to the office.  Check out our do's and don'ts.  

Do go super fancy like Gywnetth did in her silver blazer-shorts combo or do a more casual look in a flowing top.  A red carpet look (just in case you need one) or an outfit you can wear to dinner.  One thing never changes:  these look best in heals!

Do pair yours with a patterned top like Lauren Conrad.  If the top is flowy, tuck it in for the most flattering look.  Pleated shorts like LC can even look great with a looser top as long as the shorts are still fairly fitted and the shoes are tall.  Something to keep in mind with pleats:  they do add bulk.  If this is something you are concerned with, skip the pleats and go for a flat front.

Do wear straight, black, mid length shorts in a nice fabric (cheep black fabric looks shiny and cheep so don't skimp on these).  They are the gold standard of the dressy shorts.  They will take you anywhere:  to the office (keep the length longer like Natalie Portman), to dinner, or to a party.  You can't go wrong with these.

Don't wear baggy Bermudas or you could look wider than you are and not as dressy as you want to be, like Kristen Bell.  Keep your Bermuda shorts fitted for the most flattering look.

Don't go too complicated or too trendy.  We aren't sure what is going on here with Fergie but we aren't feeling it.  Keep it simple and classic.  A fun top is all you need.  Too much pattern is too overwhelming and too many trends will make you look like a fashion victim.
Don't wear your shorts too short or too tight.  Fit is especially important when it comes to dressy shorts.  Booty shorts look cheep as do ones that pull across the front like Blake Livey's do.  For dressy shorts we prefer a straight, classic Bermuda short or a trendy, baggier mid-length short.

Our Favorites
Lattice Detail Woven Shorts $17.80 at Forever 21 

Bermuda Short $49.50 at Banana Republic

  Heat Seeker Shorts $118 at Anthropologie

Free People Slinky Pleated Shorts $52.99 at Piperlime

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