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Monday, June 21, 2010

We all love a great tans ladies but we most defiantly do not welcome the burns, pain, and peeling that we often battle to get the great tan.  Much worse than a harsh sunburn are the wrinkles that inevitably follow years down the road.  Do we really need to tell you to use sunscreen?  We don't want to see you ladies putting on that oil with a SPF of 7.  Friends don't let friends burn and prematurely wrinkle.

Best Overall
This sunscreen get raves from both consumers and experts.  They love that it feels lightweight and it contains antioxidants which can help prevent sun damage.
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch $8.92 at Walmart

Sensitive Skin
If you have sensitive skin but don't want to fork over the big bucks (which is often the case), turn to baby formulas which are both strong and lack the irritating ingredients that adult formulas often contain.  This one by California Baby is fragrance and chemical free.  Its goes on smooth and is waterproof as well.
 California Baby No Fragrance Lotion $19.99 at California Baby
Acne Prone
Gels are great for those who tend to break out because they aren't heavy.  This sunscreen by Bull Frog is not only light but stays put because it was designed for surfers.
Bull Frog Surfer Formula Gel Sunblock $10.50 at Amazon

This sunscreen "goes on like a lotion and dries like a powder" which allows you to still have good grip when you are playing volleyball on the beach (or flipping through magazines).  It also has complete UVA and UVB protection.
Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen $10.99 at Walgreens

Fast Application
Spray on formulas are great for reapplication but make sure you don't miss any spots!  You still need to rub this in.  This Coppertone is waterproof and has a twist and lock top so it doesn't accidentally fire off in your beach bag.
Coppertone Continuous Sport Spray $7.99 at

 Heavy Duty
This heavy duty sunblock has a SPF of 90!  Standard rub-on lotions are better than spray-ons when you are looking for thorough coverage.
 Coppertone Ultraguard Broad Spectrum $8.99 at

Remember these general tips when it comes to your sunscreen:

1.)  Waterproof doesn't mean that it doesn't need to be reapplied.  Put on another layer every 2 hours or when you exit the pool or ocean.
2.)  Apply your sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes prior to getting out in the sun.  It allows it time to absorb before you start to sweat it off.  In fact, we apply ours in the buff to make sure we don't miss any spots along our bathing suit lines.
3.)  EVERYONE needs sunscreen ALWAYS!  That means sunny or cloudy, fair or dark skin, or whether or not you have a "base tan".  No exceptions!

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