How to make your swimsuit last longer

Thursday, July 22, 2010

With beach trips and poolside afternoons your favorite swimsuit can take a beating:  from the sun, your own perspiration and even the sunblock, you could be using.  Now we do believe in buying a quality bathing suit that will last and that means digging deep into your pockets.  The last thing we want to happen is ruining that suit and not getting enough use out of it.  Stretching our dollars is what we are all about nowadays, aren't we?

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Here are some tips that we have found to help lengthen the life of your suit:

1.)  Avoid hot tubs with that expensive suit.  Heat is not good for the color and elasticity of the suit.  Opt for a cheap suit when hot tubbing!

2.)  Hand wash your suit with a gentle soap like Woolite and never wash in the washing machine.  Let the suit soak for about 30 minutes if possible.

3.)  Do not dry your suit in the sun.  Dry off excess water on teh suit with a towel after hand washing and lay it flat to dry.

4.)  Don't wrap your suit in your towel after use.  Your towel will contain chemicals from your body and added with the heat, it will let those chemicals manifest.
5.)  Be careful where you sit.  Pool edges are hard on those bottoms!  Try placing a towel underneath you.

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