hunanity bracelets...great look for a great cause!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A friend of mine turned me on to these great bracelets that I immediately fell in love with.  They are leather wrap-around bracelets that go from vintage distressed looks to a metallic collection that looks great on a tanned arm. 
For the month of July if you visit Fashion Addict and purchase one of these bracelets, 100% of the proceeds go to Brayden Martin and his family.  On October of 2009 Brayden, a 4 year old child, was diagnosed with MedulloBlastoma, one of the rarest forms of Brain Cancer.  Brayden's tumor has developed into Stage 4 as it had metastasized.  He still has 2.2 cm tumors, a layering in the middle of his brain, and 2 masses of tumors in the middle and bottom of his spine.  The last 3 months of chemo with 3 stem cell transplants didn't do anything but keep the cancer from growing.  His cancer needs to be gone, as it is very aggressive.

Check out Fashion Addict's website here for some great unique clothing and accessories and some great clothes for the kiddos!
Check out Humanity For All's website here to see pics of celebs wearing them around town!

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