What NOT to do!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We are great with the "how-to's" on all the latest and greatest out there. "How to wear it" or "How to buy the same look for less" etc.  Lately we have seen a lot of what NOT to do out there and Hollywood is our target. How these celebs keep getting it wrong we have no idea.  They have stylists, publicists, and designers throwing free clothes at them and yet somehow these looks still went very, very wrong.
Oh how we love Jennifer Garner...and with the likes of Rachel Zoe at her disposal why oh why does she look like she rolled out of bed and threw on Ben's clothes before going out? The best thing about this is sweet Violet in her rain boots!

Simplicity is the key and Jessica Alba nails it.  A weekend look that works for her and anyone really. We are hoping Jennifer takes a cue from her!

Well, lets be honest, Paris doesn't get it "right" a lot and we could write a book on how money doesn't buy a keen fashion sense and she would be the example on each scenario!  Although we are loving the statement necklaces out there, this is just too matchy and someone that's tall may want to steer away from stripes...yikes!  The necklace itself is a statement so when wanting to wear a bold color like this, it is best to pair it with solid colors in your clothes.

Olivia Palermo knows how to wear a statement necklace.  Some may wonder if she invented it!
Here, this necklace is metallic and textured so she pairs it with some great basics so the necklace is not competing with the outfit.  Take notes Paris!

Oh Britney...we have all given you a well deserved second chance and you are supposedly "back" but here we wonder if that mind is still not quite working quite right.  Where do we begin?  Lets just say this:  boxers are not shorts!
Here are some of her friends out there that seem know how to wear shorts and what constitutes as a short and a pajama bottom. Pay attention Brit!

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