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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So, yes I am that mom that can sometimes be a little over the top with my kids clothes and accessories. Hence "Sopapilla" has had a bow in her hair since birth. My big girl starts pre-k this year (not touching that subject because I will cry!!) so I wanted to get her a cute and different backpack. I am not a big fan of the character bag deal (or character anything really, although I love vintage Disney) but here are some cool backpacks I stumbled across:
Pottery Barn Kids: They can be personalized and come in matching luggage. Not that my kids are world travelers or anything but cute for an overnight stay at the grandparents.

Zoo Packs: These are cute animal backpacks and they are big enough to fit a folder and books in. I love them!

Room It Up: Cute patterns and they are canvas. You can embroider them if you want to personalize on your own. There is also matching lunch bags.

Wildkin: This one is similar to Room It up but the pattens are for the younger crowd. My favorite is the rodeo one.

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