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Monday, August 10, 2009

I am an insane magazine reader... borderline obsessed really. One of my many favs is of course a shopping magazine - Lucky... which by the way is a great read! They featured some cool and unique jewelry a few months back that is perfect for accessorizing with your classic pieces. They are fun with a vintage feel... like raiding your grandmother's jewelry box but modernized with great color! This line has become quite popular with the celebs from Debra Messing to Selena Gomez... so they are versatile for all ages and occasions. Some of the pieces can be pricey and I don't like to spend a lot on costume type jewelry, although I learned the hard way to spend enough so it lasts longer than one wear. I have had way to many necklaces break on me... literally right off my neck!

To save a buck you can become a stylist and host parties for Stella & Dot and earn some extra dough! The website can be kinda tricky but there are pieces available to order online. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

These earrings are listed at $34!

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