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Thursday, August 6, 2009

There are a few other loves in my life besides clothes, my kids and my hubby and that is...reality tv shows! One of my favorites is Keeping Up With the Kardashians... mindless tv at its best and the girls have great style. A little over the top at times...but good none the less.

Kim Kardashian has started a site called Shoe Dazzle. It is very much like a book or dvd club where you pick one pair of shoes that are sent to you monthly and the best part is the shoes are just $39! For the sake of all of those who read this blog I decided to try it out...I swear I had no alternative reason!

I have to say...she has got a pretty good set up. You just log in and take a survey and 5 pairs of shoes are sent to you from their stylists based on your answers... if you don't like what they send you can just ask them to send you new selections. If there is a month you want to skip you can just click "skip this month". It is very easy... and the website is really user friendly... and you can choose more than one pair at a time if you would like. They are not the highest quality shoes so keep that in mind... go for fun shoes that can make a simple out fit pop! Here is the last pair I ordered.........

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