How to Wear: Sequins

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seqiuns, sequins everywhere you look...on shirts, mini skirts, dresses, blazers...but how the heck do you pull this look off and can you still after the holidays (YES!).

Here are a few tips:
*Keep it Simple (just like leather leggings): With a sequin dress or mini try a bare leg or black tights with a tough platform sandal or black peep toe shoe. With a sequined top pair it with jeans and a blazer and flats. Keep all other accessories to a bare minimum: no loud jewelry. In fact, when in doubt, skip the jewelry all together. Sequins stand on their own. That goes for makeup as well. Natural is better here; no bright lips or crazy eye color.
*Avoid Mixing Colors: Stick with one color or it will look too busy.

*Create Contrast: Like Sarah Jessica Parker in the sequined jacket and distressed jeans pairs a little glam with a caual modern look. Or pair a white buttoned down blouse with a sequined skirt.

The Sequin Dress: We personally find that a sequin dress is impractical in our lives. Of course it can be a fun pick for a party dress. Keep the dress short; long dresses look a little prom-ish (ok-a lot prom-ish). We actually are kind of loving Heidi Klum's take on the sequin dress. She brings a casual feel to it with the blazer and skinny jean leggings. We could totally wear this going out.

Sequin Jacket: This can be so simple to wear. We love them just tossed on over a basic tshirt and some distressed jeans. Add a pair of ballet flats and you are golden.

Isabel Lu blazer $253 at Nordstrom

Sequin Leggings: We know, this seems weird but paired with the right thing, they can be totally wearable and a glamerous alternative to the basic knit legging. For maximum wearability, keep it a little casual. We like them with a chunky sweater and a chunky shoe; perfect for winter. They also look great with a short little dress and heals for a dressier option.

Sequin Top: For more drama we like a top that is fully covered in sequins. Tops with a sequin pattern can be equally fab and a more casual option. Wearing this top can be as simple at pairing it with jeans and heals. Done.

Sequined tank $27.99 at Target

Sequin Accessories: If you are loving the sequin trend but aren't so brave as to sport full-on sparkle, this one is for you. This is a way that you can add a little pop to your outfit. A sequin bag or shoe is popular, easy to pull off, and can be found at all price points.

*A couple of important notes when buying sequins: don't spend a ton. This is a trend that may be gone within a few seasons. However, make sure the sequins are securely attached to the garment. You don't want to be leaving a trail behind you. In addition, sparcely spaced sequins look cheap. The area that is sequined should be completely covered; no fabric should show underneath.

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