dress for your shape part 1

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We have had so many questions concerning what styles fit their body type/shape/stature etc...and this can be the hardest thing to figure out! Trust me, you do not have to be a runway model to look and feel good in the right clothes. We all can't be Heidi Klum and drop the baby weight after 4 weeks, but that doesn't doom us to wearing baggy clothes and sweatpants! The first part is to determine what shape you are and then review these quick tips according to your shape! We realize that knowledge is power in this area and the more you have to arm yourself with when you go shopping the better, so this is just the first of many posts to come on this subject!

Top Heavy

Key: Add volume to your lower half but be careful not to be too bulky!

Must Haves: Bra that fits (no cup runneth over here!) and an A-line skirt that falls just below the knee.

Galloping Filly Skirt available at Anthropologie

Biggest Mistake: wearing narrow trousers or skirt or high waisted bottoms that make your chest look even bigger!

Baby Got Back

Key: Give yourself a waistline by looking for tops with structure that sit above the hip.

Must Haves: A midwidth non-pleated trouser that sits on the top of the hip.

Theory "Emery" trousers available at Nordstrom

Biggest Mistake: Wearing tops that are too long in attempt to cover your rear end but really just widens that area and makes your legs look shorter!

I Have Curves and I Like It!

Key: Look for clothes that follow your natural curves and accent your waistline.

Must Haves: A wrap dress in cotton or nylon jersey fabric.

DVF Correa Wrap Dress available at ShopBop

Biggest Mistake: Wearing super low rise plumber-like bottoms...they will give you love handles!

Boy Shape

Key: Clingier knitwear that helps create curves.

Must Haves: Pencil skirt that is in jersey or cotton fabric.

Organic and Cotton Bamboo High Waisted Skirt available at Etsy

Biggest Mistake: Wearing clothes that do not fit and hang in the chest and tush just make you look like a little girl playing dress up!

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