Saturday, February 20, 2010

So the poll showed most people feeling the Lauren Conrad LOB look...but what did Jilly choose...

First I want to start by saying, that my hairstylist of 10+ years has had some life stuff going on so I had to go to someone who I have never used before...scary! I am very loyal to my favorite hair guy but also understand that some things in life are much more important than my hair! (Love you Chris!!)

A near and dear friend recommended that I visit Platinum Salon in Brasleton, Georgia and see a fella by the name of Thomas.
The beautiful salon

The salon and staff were unbelievably cool and started right away on what ended up taking about 3 hours!! Thomas knew that I have had a long relationship with my hair stylist...lets face it ladies sometimes these relationships are as important to us as our marriages! He was feeling the I brought in my picture to reference to.

Thomas doing what he does best!

They did it...staff was really friendly, the atmosphere was fabulous and they were so great when I had some little visitors (my rug rats).  I really dug the vibe and felt very confident that the look I was looking for was going to be achieved. Thomas is a perfectionist and he took his time to make sure it was he wasn't deterred by a 2 and 5 year old running amuck around the salon when they paid their visit...who knew men could be multi-taskers!! So without a further ado...the results are...

I went with the Cameon Diaz look:  layered with side swept bangs.

I love it!!!!!!!!!

So does the hubby!

What about you????




Kayla Merck said...

Looks really good Jill!! Love it!

Barb Ferguson said...

I like it

Chris said...

What's so funny is I work with Thomas and Karen's staff at Platinum, they are are Keune salon ya know....I just did a foiling class in there this past Monday, before that a cutting you didn't get to far from me Jilly!!!! ya! Chris

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