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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is around the corner and Jilly Moo's is ready!  We have read it all:  websites, books, magazines, everything.  All for you... okay maybe not all for you but all in the name of fashion!  Here are the trends for Spring that we are most excited about:

Graphic /Digital Prints 
 Prints of all kinds are huge for the Spring but particularly graphic prints.  We have seen this in every outlet we have seen and we are predicting that this is going to be a huge trend!



 How to Wear It:
We have seen this print mostly in dresses, although it will be found on tops, bottoms...you name it!  Keep it simple when it comes to wearing prints.  Accessories should be simple and minimal, as should makeup.  If it's a skirt that has the print, pair it with a solid top and vice versa.

Chambray Denim
Proceed with caution on this one.  We are not huge advocates of mixing denim on denim but we do love the return of chambray (a lighter color denim and a thinner fabric for those who don't know).  It's in shirts, skirts, dresses, shoes, handbags...everywhere!

How to Wear It:
If you are feeling the denim top, try combining it with a great pair of black pants or shorts as Rachel Zoe did.  White works as well (see Carrie Underwood).  Try to stay away from khaki to avoid looking like you are going on a safari.  Try a chunky brown sandal or clog with a chambray dress or skirt.

Chunky Bracelets
This is something that anyone can wear! Stack them up and rock this look out. Beware of constant movement and rattling.  This is something you probably wouldn't want to wear to church.

How to Wear It:
You can wear these casual or dressy.  Try to wear enough together so that they give that chunky, rocker vibe.  Just one looks a little crazy and random on the arm.  Don't feel like you have to stick to one color or metal.  We love the idea of mixing it up.

Cross-Body Bags
We are feeling this look and truly always have!  This is a great way to keep your arms free and still have a casual modern look that can complete your outfit.

How to Wear It:
Caution to those who are blessed in the chest:  the strap can cut straight across and give everyone a show that they didn't pay for!  Skip this bag if you are wearing a clingy top, or else choose a bag where the strap is a little thicker and looser.  Another thing to note is the position in which you wear the bag itself.  Keep it on your side or slightly behind.  Wearing it in front of your body just looks odd.

Global can mean many different things.  This covers the safari look (like Diane Kruger and Beyonce are wearing) to desert tribal, and the tribal/native american look.  This is either earth tones such as army green, khaki, deep reds, browns, etc or vibrant colors mixed together like the runway look above.

How To Wear It:
Try not to go too over the top with this one.  One or two elements of global are all you need or else you risk looking like you are wearing a Halloween costume.  Khaki cropped cargo jackets are a super hot trend that are a great option for cool Spring/Summer nights.  They can even look great belted with a pencil skirt.  Try beaded, gladiator-type sandals or lots of beaded jewelry, wooden bracelets, or a jeweled cuff.  Some of the global prints can be oversized and strong, so like the graphic prints, keep it simple.  They work best in simple shapes and silhouettes.

 We told you that short hemlines were making their way into Spring and we mean it (sorry gals who aren't feeling this one).  Time to shave and self-tan your stems!  Don't worry.  Most of the skirts are looser so they aren't clinging to areas that you may want to hide (aka: hips, thighs, and love handles.  We feel your pain ladies).

How to Wear It:
Remember that rule we (and your mama!) always tell you:  if you are showing something off, cover the rest up!  The legs are enough of a show.  Proportions are important to consider as well.  Try a fitted top with a flowy mini. Fitted does not mean revealing: a cute little tank like Siena Miller is wearing is perfect (her's is from Wal-Mart by-the-way!).  We like a flat or wedge with the skirt because it gives it a more causal look. A stiletto heel can give you that street corner vibe. Never a good thing.

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