the no jean challenge: day 2

Friday, April 16, 2010

Today was kinda the same as yesterday;  just running some errands with my "Studson" then out to dinner for some Mexican food with Jilly and her crew.  I love to wear skirts but my only complaint is that my child's shoe would get caught in my skirt when I would pick him up, almost giving people a show they didn't pay for.  Verdict:  while cute and comfy, maybe the skirt isn't such a practical option while out with kiddos.

Splendid Shirt,  Anthropologie Skirt, Gunmetal Wedges,  Adornment by Design Bracelets


Amy said...

i never wear a skirt or dress without wearing some "short shorts" underneath. they're like cotton biker shorts. about ten years ago i was wearing a skirt and the wind had its way with it and i was holding bags so i couldn't pull it down and well, it scarred me for life. so i've worn short shorts ever since. that outfit is super cute! xx

Jilly Moo said...

You are kicking this challenge's butt Moo!!!


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