How to get the Milkmaid Braid look

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Going right along with the braid trend that has taken over has been the addition of the milkmaid braid. Celbs are loving this look and have been for awhile.

Mary Kate Olsen

Sienna Miller

Nicole Richie

The name is actually quite fitting because that is what you look like:  a milkmaid!  Don't let that discourage you.  It is an easy, casual alternative to the classic ponytail and is almost easy!  It can also be made into dressier look so it is great for a fast evening updo.  Gotta love a versatile hairstyle!

•Step 1
Untangle the hair and split into two sections.  Each section will have its own hair braid.  You may secure the top of the braid with an elastic ponytail holder, but it isn't necessary.

•Step 2
Work one hair braid into each section of hair.  Hold the hair to the opposite side while you're braiding, so that when it is wrapped, it lies nice and flat.

•Step 3
Repeat this process on the opposite side of the head, making a second hair braid.

•Step 4
Wrap each braid around the head, crossing over the back center part.

•Step 5
Tuck the ends of the braids in underneath themselves, so that the elastic bands don't show.  You might want to secure the braids with a bobby pin placed underneath the braid

***Compliments of Ehow***

If that is too confusing, check out this video.  It gives you some more options.

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