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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Us gals can't always be blamed for all of the fashion missteps in the world!  The men make just as many (if not more) mistakes as we do.  Check out this list from GQ and the team who wrote Undateable (if you haven't heard of this book, it's hilarious).  Is your man doing any of these fashion no-no's?
Embellished Jeans!  Such a don't for men!
If your guy is like ours they suffer from fashion cluelessness.  We feel it's our duty as the women in their lives to help them out and give them a little guidance.  If you don't, who will?  We love this list from GQ.  The 10 Commandments of Style.  It includes matching socks to pants (not to shoes), and how to know which undershirt to wear.

What does your guy wear that drives you crazy?  Are there any fashion don'ts for men that you feel were left off the list?

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